To My Fellow Voters in the Upcoming Election:

It's really tough for one, such as myself , to convey in but a brief statement of support, why Marcia Buckley, a sitting Circuit Court Judge, should be selected in an election such as our upcoming general election to continue serving all of us in the Lincoln County community. I'll try to share some these feelings.

Marcia Buckley is well known to me beginning in her early days in Lincoln County, to the present time when she now serves us holding the office of Circuit Court Judge. Wow! How the days, months and years have flown by. Looking back on her service I find I am able to see that throughout all of her professional steps and iterations, that Judge Buckley has held herself out as an ethical and hard­ working lawyer and judge.

Much goes into the office of judge . . . so much so that I won't even begin to list what I feel one should bring to the table if one believes another is truly qualified to hold such an office. I can say this: Judge Marcia Buckley is a quality individual I know will give it her all. If one is committed to doing that which is necessarily involved for one to fulfill that which is required by the oath of office, then good things will follow lock-step as a matter of course.

Because I've known Judge Buckley for many, many years, my confidence in her is predicated upon a personal and professional bedrock. It's easy to share with you my belief that voting for her is the right way to go.

Judge Marcia Buckley is a first-class person. Marcia is, to my way of thinking, the kind of person who wants to do justice not only to those persons who appear before her, but also to the office of Circuit Court Judge . . . the office she currently holds and which office I hope and trust she will continue to hold after her election. In a word, Marcia Buckley is the kind of legal pro we want as judge.

Please follow me and my wife, Elisa, as voters who support, and will ultimately vote for Judge Buckley.

Robert (Bob) Huckleberry

Senior Circuit Court Judge

Lincoln County, Oregon

I Support Retaining Marcia Buckley as our Circuit Court Judge

I have continuously practiced law in Lincoln County for over 50 years engaging in the general practice of law. I have known Marcia Buckley for nearly all of the 27 years she has been practicing law in Lincoln County and have tried cases against her, with her and have trusted her to represent members of my family. I can say with some authority that she is an excellent trial lawyer with many trials under her belt both civil and criminal.

Her civil practice emphasized family law, but also included a wide variety of other civil issues. Marcia has a wealth of experience in the law as well as over 27 years of life experience finding solutions for people who are involved in the most tramatic life experience they have ever faced. She brings that wealth of knowledge and experience to the Bench as a Judge.

While carrying on her very busy and varied law practice she also served her community as a board member of the Lincoln County Foundation; a member of her local Rotary Club recently serving as its president; as a coach of the Newport High School Mock Trial Team; and as as member of the Ollala Center Board of Directors.

In addition to all of that she found time to serve her profession by serving as president of the Lincoln County Bar Association and co- authoring a portion of the 2019 update to the Oregon State Bar’s Continuing Legal Education Book on Mediation having to do with mediator ethics and approaches ;and serving as a member of the Oregon State Bar Disciplinary Board.

In addition to practicing law, serving her community and profession Marcia also is a hands on wife and mother, maintaining a household and parenting her daughter, Sharon Mary, with her husband Michael.

Doing all that that takes some exceptional organizational skill and ability!

I will vote to retian Marcia Buckley as our Circuit Court Judge. I hope you will Join me.

Paul Osterlund Toledo, Oregon

Marcia is all about empathy, kindness and fairness- can’t have a better person in the job!!

--Jim Robinson

Lincoln County voters..I'm supporting Judge Marcia Buckley. Take a look at her website to learn why. When a judge has to rule on the most important of your affairs, you can boil it down to two words: Experience Matters.

Michele Longo Eder

I have lived in Lincoln County for the past thirty five years, and was employed at the District Attorney's Office from 1987 through 1999. I was Chief Deputy District Attorney when Marcia Buckley was hired as a deputy district attorney in 1993, and supervised her for approximately six years.

Marcia is an intelligent, hard working, and skilled lawyer, as well as a caring and compassionate human being.

It is a pleasure to recommend Marcia for the Circuit Court Bench. I am confident that she will be an outstanding judge.

Peter Fahy, Attorney at Law (retired)



​Governor Brown made a wise and thoughtful decision in appointing Judge Marcia Buckley to the position vacated by the retirement of Judge Paulette Sanders. In nearly a year since assuming office, Judge Buckley has worked hard to eliminate the backlog in civil and family law cases which accumulated during the terms of the other judges who now oppose her candidacy. People who have sought justice in cases filed many years ago have finally received efficient and just resolution through Judge Buckley’s work. She works long hours and has never missed a day despite the Covid limitations.

​The Governor chose Judge Buckley from a group of several candidates after careful consideration, research and the counsel of a diverse committee, not simply a handful of courthouse insiders. The Governor found Judge Buckley “well suited to administer equal justice under our laws,” and she was absolutely right.

​Judge Buckley’s opponent was not selected for Judge Sanders’ position but was chosen as the referee/pro tem judge by the current presiding judge. Ms. Benjamin’s campaign against Judge Buckley is needlessly divisive, and her supporters’ false personal attacks on Judge Buckley demean the office she seeks.

In contrast to Judge Buckley’s nearly thirty years in practice, her opponent has been a member of the bar for only seven years. She has limited experience both in our community and in bar association service. Her background is as a prosecutor, and she has never run her own office. She may be doing excellent work in the referee position; but the knowledge gained from diverse experiences and the wisdom achieved through decades of work on all sides of legal disputes offers critical balance to a jurist who holds the future of widely varied litigants before her. Judge Buckley has that knowledge and that wisdom.

Judge Buckley is conscientious, fair, hard working and compassionate. She exhibits the highest standards of ethical conduct, and her professionalism is exemplary. She brings passion, dignity and wholehearted commitment to the bench. Judge Buckley has experience both as a civil practitioner and as a prosecutor. She understands the need to balance safety with safeguards; due process with due diligence; community concerns with common sense.

Not only has she served our county well in her decades practicing law, but also she has devoted countless energies to community service: she has been the president of the local Rotary chapter, serves as president of the Lincoln County Bar Association, and is a member of the Lincoln County Foundation, among other activities. She has received awards and served on numerous committees of the Oregon State Bar.​Judge Buckley’s opponent appears to be doing well in her current position, but she has lived only a few years in our community. If she continues as the referee, she will be eligible to seek a full judicial appointment next year when Judge Branford retires.

The voters should value the strong community ties and decades of professional service offered by Judge Marcia Buckley and retain her for a full term as circuit court judge.


I have known Marcia Buckley for almost two decades and she has my vote for Circuit Judge. Marcia was appointed as Lincoln County Circuit Judge by Governor Kate Brown. She was selected from a field of carefully vetted candidates, which included her opponent in this race.

Marcia’s resume’ reveals her impressive credentials. She is a highly experienced litigator. She worked for 18 years in private practice and 10 years as a prosecuting attorney. Experience and balance in the court is necessary, and Marcia brings that to the Circuit Court Bench.

Judicial temperament is also important. Marcia embodies the character and values that are critical. She is not only knowledgeable about the law, she is also a caring and empathetic person. Marcia has represented members of our family with professionalism, empathy and understanding. We have first- hand knowledge of her sensitive and caring nature as well as her legal skills

Mediation skills are another valuable qualification. While in private practice, Marcia served as a Court Appointed Mediator. In addition, she wrote the Mediator Ethics and Approaches Chapter in the 2019 Mediation Book for the Oregon State Bar.

Marcia is an involved citizen. She’s a member of the Lincoln County Foundation Board, which gives generous scholarships to Lincoln County students. She is a long-time member of Rotary, and Rotary International, and has served as the local president. She’s served as the coach for Newport H.S. Mock Trial Court Team.

In addition, Marcia has the respect of her fellow attorneys, serving as President of the Lincoln County Bar Association.

Finally, there is a line between being Judicious, which the dictionary characterizes as wise and being Judgemental, which the dictionary defines as harsh. Marcia Buckley is Judicious. We need to retain Judge Marcia Buckley.

Nancy Osterlund

I worked with and for Marcia Buckley many years in the Lincoln County District Attorneys office. I know no one of higher integrity, great work ethic and a dedicated experienced attorney to serve as Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge. Please vote for her in the upcoming election. Thank you!

Teresa Herder Fleming.

I have nothing but admiration and respect for this lady. Compared to other counties, I have never had more support than the Lincoln County DA and the law enforcement community as a whole. Marcia Buckley was a key supporter. I would stand with her.

--Chad Gray

Judge Buckley is smart, fair and has outstanding qualifications. Her deep ties in Lincoln County and her 27 years as a prosecutor and attorney make her a Judge the community can count on.

 - Governor Kate Brown

I have been friends with Marcia Buckley since we attended law school together many decades ago. Judge Buckley is a hard worker who has the right experience and temperament to continue to serve the citizens of Lincoln County as a Circuit Court Judge.

Upon taking office as the Lincoln County District Attorney in 2009, I hired Marcia Buckley as my Chief Deputy. During that time, Marcia assigned cases, supervised eight deputy district attorneys, and chaired our Elder Abuse, Disability Abuse, and Sexual Assault Response Teams. She was also a key member of our Major Crime Team and our Crash Team. Together, Marcia and I did our part to help modernize the justice system in Lincoln County, introducing problem solving programs to help reduce crime and heal members of our community from the ravages of addiction and mental illness that often feeds into crime. Indeed, Marcia was a prime driver of what became the Lincoln County Mental Health Court Program. She is a visionary and a problem solver.

Almost a year ago I was interviewed by a detective who was performing a background check on Marcia Buckley for the Governor’s Office as part of the interview process for the Circuit Court vacancy to which Marcia was later appointed. I told the investigator Marcia Buckley would make a fantastic judge. It doesn't surprise at all that she has risen to that challenge. Lincoln County is lucky to have her.

With her extensive experience in both criminal and civil law, and her temperament and vision as a judge, I am proud to join my fellow former Lincoln County District Attorney Dan Glode in recommending that Lincoln County voters retain Judge Marcia Buckley.


Rob Bovett

Former Lincoln County District Attorney

Salem, Oregon

Pacific Northwest News and Entertainment has endorsed Judge Marcia Buckley!!!

"Judge of Circuit Court, Lincoln County, District 17, Position 2

Marcia Buckley – Judge Buckley’s 27 years of legal experience and many years of community service far outshine her opposition, it’s not even close. "

Please vote to retain Judge Marcia Buckley for Lincoln County Circuit Court.

I don't get political. This is the first time that I have endorsed a local candidate. One would think that a judicial position would be ho hum, but there is a time when ya just gotta share your opinion.

In this time of the Covid 19 it has been hard for local candidates to meet and greet the public. So I would like you to know that Judge Marcia Buckley is my clear choice to retain her position as Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge. Do your homework, watch the candidate forums, read the voters pamphlet.

The 27 years of legal experience Judge Buckley brings is beyond compare. With many years at the District Attorney's office and in private practice, Judge Buckley is exactly what Lincoln County deserves on our Circuit Court Bench.

I have known Judge Buckley for many years and she is the real deal, honest, fair, hard-working and giving.

I don't intend to start a back and forth with anyone. You're welcome to share your opinion on your own page.

Love to all. Vote to Retain Judge Marcia Buckley.

Stephanie Staab Linn

To the Voters of Lincoln County

I am writing this letter to urge the voters of Lincoln County to vote for and Retain Marcia Buckley as Circuit Court Judge. I have known Judge Buckley for over 20 years. When you work with a person over that period of time, you learn about the qualities of that person. Judge Buckley without a doubt is one of the most compassionate, considerate and fair- minded human beings that I have known in my 48 years of being a lawyer. These are the qualities that every Judge should possess, some do, others do not. Her experience as a mom, wife, community activist, trial lawyer, mediator, chief deputy district attorney and general practitioner have given her the necessary knowledge and skill to be an outstanding judge. Those that come before the Courts of Lincoln County are fortunate to have her as a Circuit Court Judge. Vote for the peoples judge and retain Circuit Court Judge Marcia Buckley.

Stephen A. Lovejoy

Attorney at Law

Judge Marcia Buckley is well known in our community, having lived here for 27 years. She is a native born Oregonian, educated in Oregon and married after moving to Lincoln County, choosing to raise her family here.

Judge Buckley has broad legal experience, serving as Deputy District Attorney for 5 years and as Chief Deputy District Attorney for 4 years. She has served as a lawyer with her own private practice in Newport for 18 years. She has been active in our schools and numerous community activities.

We know Judge Marcia Buckley. We know her high ethical standards, strong work ethic, intellect and compassion for others. When asked why she wanted to serve as Judge, she replied, “I want my Court to be a place where people feel safe, respected and can have their legal controversies resolved.” Since being sworn in as Circuit Court Judge she has kept that promise. She does not leave her office until all of the day’s work is completed.

Every judge serving in Lincoln County for the past generation has been appointed by a Governor. After extensive vetting by the Governor’s office and the State Police, Governor Brown appointed Judge Marcia Buckley to the Lincoln County Circuit Court. Consider Judge Buckley’s depth of experience, qualifications and community knowledge that she brings to our legal system. She deserves our vote. Reject the politics of fear and mudslinging, and join me in voting to retain Judge Marcia Buckley in the seat to which she was appointed.

--Braulio Escobar, Newport

Some of you reading this may know me.  Many of you don't. But because of my legal background, over the years people have asked me for recommendations on judicial races. Here's mine: Elect and Retain Judge Marcia Buckley.


Briefly: I practiced law in Lincoln County for 35 years,  and have tried civil and criminal cases in front of judges and juries in courtrooms in many parts of our state. Ive been before the Oregon Court of Appeals, the Oregon Supreme Court, and the Federal U.S. District Court of Oregon. In other words, I know more than a few judges.  Let me tell you something: Experience and integrity matter.


A trial judge often deals with many issues pertaining to family law and criminal law.  Judge Marcia Buckley already has an extensive background in those fields.  But because of her experience in  private practice , Judge Buckley  has also worked in areas of the law that may be of import to you:  the buying and selling of a small business, or of real property, preparing wills and estate plans, understanding the implications of state and federal tax law, matters dealing with insurance companies, or contract law.


I don't doubt Ms. Benjamin, who is employed as a hearings officer by the State of Oregon, is as bright or as upcoming a talent as many of her supporters say.


But if you have a legal matter of importance to you that has to go to court--you want someone to hear your case that has the depth of experience in a wide range of fields that Judge Marcia Buckley already has.   


In addition to knowing Marcia Buckley for 25 years, I was also opposing counsel to her, inside the courtroom and out.  As an attorney, Ms. Buckley was superbly prepared for each case, represented her clients zealously, while at the same time extended every courtesy as was appropriate. She always kept her word.  In other words, a true professional. These qualities matter on the bench and Judge Marcia Buckley has them in abundance.  


Also of importance is the trust in Judge Marcia Buckley that the leadership of the Oregon State Bar has placed in her. She was selected by the OSB to be on the Statewide Disciplinary Board, which supervises and investigates the conduct of lawyers, and she served in this capacity from 2015-2020. Only those lawyers whose experience in the law , and understanding of and adherence to the ethical code, would be selected for a position of such trust and responsibility.


Please join me in voting to elect and retain Judge Marcia Buckley.  Trusted. Respected. Experienced. 


Michele Longo Eder

Attorney, retired

Owner, F/V Timmy Boy

I am writing to endorse Judge Marcia Buckley for circuit court judge. She needs to be retained.

I have known Judge Buckley for many years. While I was district attorney I hired her as a deputy district attorney and while her duties were numerous and varied she primarily took charge of the child support unit. This is a very difficult and challenging job which required many talents. Getting support for children and their families who are in need is not always an easy task. She proved to be tireless, focused and efficient. She was incredibly effective in collecting support from the men and women who owed support and she made sure the people were owed support got what they so desperately needed. But what impressed me most, beyond her high quality work, was her innate sense of fairness and justice.

Judge Buckley went on to have a successful private practice where she was exposed to many areas of the law. She was then called back to public service and served as chief deputy district attorney for Rob Bovet. After that she returned to private practice. She has decades of high quality experience in all areas of the law.

She has many fine qualities that a good judge needs but at the top of the list she is fairness to all. She treats everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve. Experience, integrity, sound judgement and fairness. I hope you will join me in supporting her. Please retain her!

Daniel Glode

Former District Attorney

Lincoln County


1. Marcia Buckley is vastly more qualified and experienced than her opponent.

2. The Governor appointed Marcia over her opponent after consulting with many Lincoln County attorneys, the Oregon State Police, who did an extensive background check, and the Lincoln

County Judges. Marcia Buckley was deemed the most qualified and deserving.

3. Amanda Benjamin was appointed as a referee and a pro tem Judge by the Oregon Supreme Court (not Lincoln county voters) as the hand-picked choice of Judges Branford and Bachart.

4. Referee Benjamin will remain a sitting referee when Judge Buckley is elected. In other words, retain Judge Buckley and we get to keep both! Elect Referee Benjamin and we lose the more qualified Judge Buckley.

5. Judge Branford will be subject to mandatory retirement before the end of his present term. He wants Buckley out so he can hand pick another judge. In other words, its personal for Branford because the Governor didn’t pick his choice.

6. It’s an attempt at “judge stacking” right here in Lincoln County.

7. Lincoln County deserves a judge with long-time community ties, civil law experience as well as criminal, and a demonstrated record of service to the law and this community.

Retain Judge Marcia Buckley.

Jeff Ouderkirk

I have been an opposing counsel of Judge Marcia Buckley's when she was in private practice. I know some people may think it odd to have an opposing counsel make an endorsement. However, I have always found her to be fair, honest, and helping to find the most practical resolution for clients when it is possible. I knew when I dealt with her that she would hold true to her word and handle her cases with both compassion for her clients, as well as common sense. I do not hesitate to recommend her to continue her role on the bench. Her experience and commitment to the community is needed in Lincoln County.

Teri Plagmann

To my Lincoln County friends:

When I first moved to Newport and didn’t know anyone, Marcia and Mike invited me over for a meal and her famous brownies. They made the “new guy” feel welcome. I’ll never forget their hospitality.

Judge Buckley was an outstanding litigator both in private and public service. I was elated to hear she was appointed to be a Judge. If I was still in Lincoln County, you can be sure I would be voting for Judge Buckley.

Please vote to retain Judge Buckley!

TJ Eriksen

This election cycle, please join me in voting to retain our incumbent Judge, Marcia Buckley. Judge Buckley is highly skilled in both civil and criminal law. Judge Buckley’s experience has given her the knowledge, wisdom, and compassion that should be sought out in a Judge.

I have known Judge Buckley for many years, and would not be an attorney if it wasn’t for her support and idea that I go to law school. She is a mentor, friend, and colleague. I know Judge Buckley to treat every person and situation she encounters with fairness, understanding, and professionalism.

We have wonderful Judges in our county, and Judge Buckley’s opponent is among them as a Pro Tem Judge. The good news is, a vote for Judge Buckley allows our county to retain both Judge Buckley and Pro Tem Judge Benjamin.

Previous Pro Tem Judge, David Cramer, explained it well when he said, “If Judge Buckley is re-elected, Judge Benjamin will almost certainly continue in her current role until next summer. At that time, it is highly likely she will be appointed to fill Judge Branford’s seat as he reaches mandatory retirement age. It’s two for one! By voting for Judge Buckley, we get to keep both Judge Buckley and Judge Benjamin on the bench in Lincoln County.”

A vote for Judge Buckley is the best vote you can cast for our county during this election. It allows our judicial bench to remain full of the best people for the job!

--Traci McDowall

Please join me in retaining Marcia Buckley as judge.  I have known Marcia for almost 2 decades and have found her to be
Honest, Fair, Knowledgeable, Caring and extremely community orientated! The Governor got it right when she appointed Marcia.  Check out her qualifications and experience on her website. I support Marcia and urge you to join me!

Consuela (Connie) Cooper

To the Editor:


I have known Circuit Court Judge Marcia Buckley for 16 years, long before she was appointed to be a judge here in Lincoln County.  Judge Buckley will have my vote this coming Tuesday.


I have seen Judge Buckley volunteer countless hours of her time for many worthwhile projects in this community, helping children and those in need.  She truly cares about helping others. 


I was a client when Judge Buckley was in private practice, and I found her representation to be extremely ethical and highly professional.  My trust in Judge Buckley is so high I have left the person who is dearest to me—my daughter—in Judge Buckley’s care on multiple occasions.


Judge Buckley has the wisdom gained by 27 years as an attorney, and experience achieved as a prosecutor serving as Chief Deputy District Attorney.  She was an excellent choice for the seat she holds, and continues to be so.  I encourage the voters of this county to join me in voting for Judge Marcia Buckley this Tuesday, November 3.

Jennifer Watkins


Marcia coached two mock trial teams every year at Newport High and was a great role model and well liked by the students. Marcia went to both regional and state championships with the teams every year. Most of the teams at state were large schools from Portland, Salem, Eugene, etc. but Marcia helped Newport students be competitive with the big schools. Thank you for all of your hard work and help to our community. You have my vote and support.

Al Fitzpatrick

I am endorsing Marcia Buckley for 17th Judicial District, Position 2 Circuit Court Judge.

In the 15+ years that I have known Marcia I have been impressed by her honesty, integrity and willingness to fight for what is right. She has brought to the stand with her over 27 years worth of experience as a trial lawyer in Lincoln County. Her reputation speaks for itself and it speaks volumes.

As a young, newly divorced single mother back in 2005, Marcia showed me that a woman could overcome anything she set her mind to. Never one to be intimidated, Marcia has been the model to follow of a woman who balances home, community and work. And she never compromised her morals to achieve any of it.

Times are uncertain and ever changing and we need judges that are willing to consistently and fairly follow the rule of law and yet still see those before them as people, not just a case number. We need common sense and confidence. Lincoln County deserves the best. Please join me in Retaining Marcia Buckley. -- Tracy Mix

It has been hard to witness the negative spin from her opponent’s camp, when we know Marcia to be better. Not only is she taking the high road, she has the integrity, dedication and decades of legal experience that lead to her appointment to the bench by Governor Brown last January. She has faithfully served her post as Judge during a pandemic without interruption. And I personally know Marcia to be a trusted and caring friend you could call on at any hour. Lincoln County is lucky to ‘literally’ have her in our court.

--Camie Brosh Cutter


I have watched closely the events surrounding the campaign for Lincoln County Circuit Judge pitting incumbent Marcia Buckley against newcomer Amanda Benjamin. I am urging you to vote for Marcia Buckley as the only clear and honorable choice. I crossed swords with Marcia in court many times when I practiced law in Lincoln County, and in the process we became good friends. I know firsthand her professionalism, legal acumen, sense of fairness, and her unwavering commitment to do the right thing in every situation. She was a brilliant advocate, and now she wears the black robe with distinction and honor.

In contrast, I have been deeply troubled by the behaviors of presiding Circuit Court Judge Tom Branford and Judge Sheryl Bachart during this campaign. Their cynical machinations to install the candidate they hand-picked and groomed, and their mistreatment of Judge Buckley while she has served on the bench, have been distressing to watch and are far beneath the dignity of the offices they hold. I worked with both of them over the 17 years I practiced in Lincoln County, and it's hard to believe they would work in such a deceptive, underhanded way to thwart the democratic process and undermine the integrity of the Lincoln County bench. I've read their statements, seen their arguments, and heard from my friends in the the legal community about the unseemly methods they've employed to get their candidate into office. Frankly, they should both be ashamed of themselves.

The voters of Lincoln County deserve a judge who doesn't have an agenda or an ax to grind. They deserve a judge who will reject personal differences and work for the good of all who come before them in the courtroom. And they especially deserve a judge who won't bend their official role to engage in petty vendettas and unfair slander.

For Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge, there is only one candidate who deserves your vote, and that candidate is Marcia Buckley.

Scott Beckstead

My friends in Lincoln County,

Please join me in voting to retain our incumbent judge, Marcia Buckley. Judge Buckley is highly skilled in many areas of both civil and criminal law. Her wisdom is matched by the compassion of her heart. Inside the courtroom and out, she treats everyone she encounters with fairness, understanding, and professionalism.

We are lucky to have good judges in our county. Judge Buckley’s opponent in this election, Amanda Benjamin, is also very talented. She has performed ably as the Lincoln County pro tem judge (the post I used to hold) for almost the last two years. If Judge Buckley is re-elected, Judge Benjamin will almost certainly continue in her current role until next summer. At that time, it is highly likely she will be appointed to full Judge Branford’s seat as he reaches mandatory retirement age. It’s two for one! By voting for Judge Buckley, we get to keep both Judge Buckley and Judge Benjamin on the bench in Lincoln County.

It has become an unfortunate tradition in our county for judges who were former prosecutors to assist their colleagues in the DA’s office to also take the bench.

Although many of them go on to serve well, there is a tendency in such judges to see establishment and government interests as their side, as opposed to marginalized litigants who appear to them to resemble the criminal defendants they fought to incarcerate. I don’t object to judges having a prosecutorial background, but we need balance. Judge Buckley has a broad background in both civil and criminal law, and is better equipped to listen to those who have too often been voiceless in our society.

Judge Buckley is a good judge, and a good friend. Please support her in continuing her judicial career.

--David Cramer